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The OSCE invites you to apply for the 8 OSCE Dialogue Academy for Young Women, which will take place from 16 to
25 September 2022 in Austria.

About the OSCE Dialogue Academy
Since 2015, the OSCE Mission in Kosovo and the OSCE Mission to Serbia have actively supported the OSCE Dialogue
Academy for Young Women (DA) gathering participants from their two respective areas of responsibility. Every year,24 young
women from Prishtinë/Priština and Belgrade are selected to convene for an intensive ten-day programme to learn and
discuss on the topics of women in politics, dialogue and peacebuilding. Participants are presented with distinguished
speakers and internationally recognized experts, who motivate and foster participants’ personal and professional
development through thought-provoking discussions and experience-sharing sessions. To date, seven DA editions were
implemented and in total,160 young women participated.
Upon completion of the DA, participants join the DA Alumnae Network.The Network has been active in organizing a range of
activities across both societies with the objective to promote peace, confidence-building,solidarity,women’s empowerment
and dialogue. Since 2015, Alumnae have implemented more than 15 small-scale projects, participated in 11 Alumnae
exchange meetings, and contributed to different events in close co-operation with the OSCE.
The DA builds upon the values and the ideas enshrined in the process known as the “Follow Us”Initiative. Established in 2012
by the OSCE Mission in Kosovo and the OSCE Mission to Serbia, the “Follow Us”Initiative gathered prominent women from
Prishtinë/Priština and Belgrade, to foster contact and dialogue between the two societies focusing on joint issues of concern,
such as women in politics,dialogue and mediation,gender equality and women’s empowerment.

We invite women between 20 and 27 years of age from the areas covered by the OSCE Mission in Kosovo and the OSCE
Mission to Serbia to apply. Applicants should be students or young professionals in the fields of politics, law, international
relations,social sciences, government, and media. Candidates should demonstrate genuine interest and/or engagement in
civic activity (politics,voluntarism, community work, advocacy, and/or policy-making).Considering that lectures, discussions
and all working materials will be in English, excellent English skills are essential for participation in the DA.

Selection Process
The selection process will consist of three steps: CV submission, an online written examination and an online interview. In
total 24 successful applicants who meet the qualification criteria will be selected to participate in the 2022 DA.

Participants are expected to be present and actively engaged in all aspects of the programme. Discussions and sharing of
opinions will be encouraged and highly valued, with respect of each other’s differences in thought and background.
cant attention in the programme will be dedicated to networking activities and relationship-building between
participants,for which participants are expected to be fully engaged.

Structure and Themes
The 2022 DA will entail 10 days of intensive programme in Austria,Vienna region.
Participants will gather new knowledge and skills, and explore joint interests and potential activities linked to dialogue and
women’s empowerment. This will be achieved through two intensive learning modules, a series of panel discussions,
multiple and diverse networking activities and field visits. The 2022 DA also aims to offer participants a rich cultural
programme connected to the key programmatic themes,such as:
• Women in the contemporary political landscape;
• Leadership for societal change;
• Women in peace-building;
• Comprehensive approach to security for prevention of violence against women and girls.
The 2022 DA will be organized in accordance with all applicable OSCE and local COVID-19 regulations and protective
measures.All expenses related to participation in the DA will be covered by the OSCE,including:
• Travel to and from Austria;
• Visa requirements,including facilitation of visa process;
• Health insurance;
• Accommodation;
• Course module costs;
• Meals and refreshments;
• Cultural/study visits.

If you would like to apply for the 2022 Dialogue Academy, please send your CV following the instructions below to:
1 The CV should include all of the listed elements:
1. Date of birth, your city of birth and city of current residence;
2. Updated information on your employment and education;
3. Educational and professional courses relevant to the DA programme;
4. Languages spoken;
5. Contact details (i.e. personal phone and email address);
6. Contact email of two academic or professional references;
7. Should not exceed the length of three pages;
8. A statement whether you or any of your relatives are/are not employed within the OSCE.
Please note that applications that do not follow all listed instructions will not be considered.
The OSCE is committed to achieving diversity. Individuals from all minority groups are encouraged to apply.

Please send your application by midnight CET, 26 June 2022.

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