How it works is the right place to find all information and opportunities. No need to check hundreds of digital channels in the Kosovo market. All information in one place!

You will find hundreds of job opportunities, education opportunities, and public activities in which you can participate.

How to become an applicant?

It’s simple with a great interface on our platform. All you have to do is to sign up as an applicant. You will be ready in just 5 minutes!

Sign up for free. Applicants can create their profile, upload their CVs, add skills, experience, and qualifications. You will be ready to search for available open positions and to apply. To get better chances, complete your profile.

The place to find your future projects or to get employed. You can create your resume, manage your profile in the dashboard, and search for job vacancies, public events, or projects you want to work on by applying directly to the open calls. You can search for thousands of open posts and projects. After applying to the open position, you will be part of the review process. The best part, you can communicate directly with publishes from the dashboard or via our email notification system.

What opportunities can I find?

On our one-stop-shop, you can search and find a wide variety of available projects across multiple categories. The main categories that you can find are Public Events, Job opportunities, Conferences, Grants, Tenders, Internship, and Volunteer Opportunities. You can even look to enhance your skills and find education opportunities to find the right certification and set off skills to in order have better chances to success on your applications.

Get hired super-fast

Our One-stop-Shop makes it very easy to connect with publishers, to get employed, or to be engaged in public events.

The right projects at the right time. Our platform algorithm highlights projects or posts you’re a great fit for.

Career advise and education. Applicants can search for education opportunities and institutions that look to increase their competencies.

How do I get hired?

It all starts by creating a great profile. Sign up for free, fill in the required fields, upload a CV, and start to submit your application for projects or job vacancies. You can even register to participate in public events available on our one-stop-shop. From your dashboard you can manage all your interactions, follow your applications and review process and you can communicate with publishers.

Creating an outstanding profile. It’s important to have a great profile in order to get better chances to be engaged or to be employed. Our platform offers you a simple interface to create, edit, and manage your profile and your data. You can even delete your profile if you wish to do so, at any time. Start to fill on your profile your basic information, profession, set of skills, education, experience, and portfolio. To make it easy you can upload one or more CVs.

Remember, as a first step you have to sign up! Then you will receive an email notification to confirm your account. Applicants can set their profile public or private. If the option is set public then the profile will be visible only by the post publisher on which you applied.

How much does it cost?

The best part about, there are no subscription fees! All published posts and projects are free to read and to apply. You can apply to unlimited open positions or projects.

Ready to connect with your future employer or your dream project?

Join here is the right place to publish your projects, public events, or job vacancies. By becoming a publisher, you will get access to hundreds of job seekers, freelancers, and institutions or agencies who might be your applicants or future employees.

How to become a publisher?

Just in a fraction of a time, you can create your profile.

Sign up for free. All you have to do is to sign up as a publisher. You will be ready to go in less than 5 minutes! Then you can start and announce opportunities through our one-stop-shop.

Start by creating a post. It is simple. Tell us about your project or job vacancy. Type the specific skills or scope of work that is required. Fill in the rest of the required information, like date and location. We have made it very easy for you to create posts and edit them at any time.

Remember the first step you have to sign up! Then you will receive an email notification to confirm your account.

How to hire applicants?

Once you’ve signed up, you can create posts, review matches, and you can start to communicate with applicants from our dashboard via an email notification system. But first, to get many applications, be clear on the description of your posts, set the deadline, and fill in other necessary information. Submitted posts will be reviews by the Kosovoyouth team. After the publication of the posts, interested applicants may apply to your call. Then from your dashboard, you can see applicants and start with the review process, manage and hire your favorite.

Browse profiles who have applied to your posts. You can view applicant’s profiles (if the profile is set public), see their CVs, and other details like experience, education, qualification, and more.

Review applications. With our online tools and email notification system, you can evaluate applications through a process and communication until the final selection. Or you can invite your applicants directly for an interview at your premises.

How much does it cost to publish a post?

The best part of, there are no subscription fees! All published posts and projects are free to publish and to view and to search for opportunities. You can publish unlimited posts.

Ready to be connected?

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