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Internet and technology have changed the way job seekers search for employment information and jobs and how employers find employees. Today employers and youth turn to online one-stop-shops to find employment matches and engagement opportunities.

However, the information available on the internet and accessible to young people is distributed on various platforms which, in addition to not being attractive and youth-friendly, are not even properly updated. For a young person to get the right information about education opportunities, employment, or similar civic engagements, the One-Stop-Shop called “Kosovo Youth” provides a youth-friendly, dynamic and collaborative platform for young people.

All information aggregated for youth in one address. We want to ease their access to in-formal education, training, volunteer engagement, internships, self-employment, and employment opportunities. The platform offers a better and clearer structure of the information distributed on the Internet and which, as of now, is inaccessible for young people in a single space.

For publishers like the CSOs, public and private sector institutions, young citizens, and other interested parties, the “One Stop Shop” has created the unique opportunity to receive and share information on education and employment positions, offer an analysis of the labor market situation through practical information on the current labor regulations, as well as available trends in job postings, career advice and much more.

Kosovoyouth.com strives to improve the cooperation between young people and actors of public institutions, civil society, and private businesses. This platform aims to contribute to the development of a dynamic and youth-friendly platform for young people and increased awareness of youth about the possibilities of professional development.

The project will address the issues mentioned above by providing a youth-friendly platform that will offer all the engagement possibilities for youth in one space and in real-time, as such avoiding disaggregation of information which, as it is being spread now, barely reaches youth.

Youth and job seekers can create a profile and build CV’s by adding their skills and search for available open positions, and employers/publishers can announce employment openings through our one-stop-shop tools.


Who are the developers?

This One-stop-Shop is financially supported by OSCE Mission in Kosovo thought the project “Supporting Youth in Public Participation SYPP, which is implemented under the project “Advancing Societal Confidence Building Measures”.

This platform has been developed by LENS. We are and an independent, nonpartisan and non-profit organization based in Pristina, Kosovo. It is founded in 2010 by communication and information technology experts, human rights activists and open society enthusiasts. The idea of establishing an organization such as LENS comes from the common interest of its founders in increasing use of technology, making use of the opportunities it offers and raising awareness on the detriments of its misuse. LENS’s mission is to contribute to the development of democracy and increase the quality of life through promoting use of modern technology, innovation and better access to information.

How can applicants/users interact with our one-stop-shop

Our platform allows applicants to sign up for free, which allows them to search for engagement opportunities, information, and job openings posted by employers. On their dashboard, applicants can post their resumes for employers to review when applying for a job position.

How can publishers interact with our one-stop-shop

Kosovoyouth.com doesn’t require fees for publishers to post job openings. Publishers can browse through their dashboard the applicants, resumes to find potential matches for their job openings.

Use Kosovoyouth.com for Education and Career Advice

Our dynamic webspace will aggregate all information distributed on the Internet concerning opportunities for education, training, employment, or other activities. It does not require to be registered to access the information.

You can find resources on our platform with internal or external content. The educational resources will help prepare job seekers for the marketplace. Youth can find courses to improve their skills and state-specific programs to advance their education.